Visuals research / dissertation draft

This week I haven’t made much progress. I spent the week learning shaders and experimented with a few possible visualisations for the app. The pace is quite slow as I have to come up with interesting 3d visuals which will be affected by sound. It is a creative process. Therefore I am exposing myself to as many different audio visualisations as I can. This helps me to generate new ideas for the visuals of my own.

Here are a few inspirational audio-visualizers I have found during the past week:




(all of the images and videos belongs to their authors correspondingly)

So as you can see I have been doing some research on visualizers, and as the second term at university is coming to an end, we have to submit a draft version of a dissertation. Writing dissertation takes up a lot of my time, therefore expect updates on the project to be less advanced for the next few weeks.

Plan of action for the upcoming week:

  • Get the draft version of the dissertation written;
  • Work on visualisations