Found a new pathway

Since the last update here I’ve been thinking of ideas how I could make my project more useful and usable. As I’ve mentioned before QR codes are ugly and nobody uses them, therefore I had to find a solution which does not involve usage of QR codes. After long hours of research and brainstorming, I have finally found a new pathway. My app will no longer focus on general public and musicians using stickers to promote their music. I have pivoted towards record labels. By saying record labels I literally mean labels and covers for vinyl and CDs.   Continue reading Found a new pathway

The beginning

For my final year project here at Goldsmiths, University of London, I have set out to build an app for iPhone and a web-based platform which would let music producers promote their music using augmented reality. The idea behind this is that the musician uploads their music using web platform, selects the visuals and once all of that is done he will receive generated QR (quick response) code which would then could be scanned via iPhone app. Speaking of the latter, it would show 3D audio visualisations in real time on the iPhone screen when scanning the QR code generated by the musician. Musicians would share the QR codes with the public in form of stickers, prints on leaflets or brochures. The aim of this project is to explore and discover new ways to promote, share and discover music using audiovisuals in augmented reality. Continue reading The beginning