Building up my visuals

For the past week, I’ve been splitting my time into two main focuses: the First one was my dissertation writing, while the other one was to create as many different graphics as I can.

So far I have managed to create five visualisations which run on openFrameworks for MacBook, so the next step is to transfer them to my iPhone. This shouldn’t be a problem because as you probably know OpenFrameworks provides a cross-platform solution for your code.

As for the visuals themselves, I decided to go with a combination of geometrical 3D shapes. While I was doing my research for the types of visualisations I could use for my project; I was intrigued by platonic solid shapes. These are five geometrical forms whose all sides are equal. For example a cube or tetrahedron. I also found out that the combination of these figures can create fascinating new designs.

An example of these can be seen in this picture:

Platonic solids combined
Platonic solids combined. All rights reserved by Old Chum

I was fascinated by these geometrical shapes and was inspired to create my audio visualisations using them. This can be accomplished quite easy as OpenFrameworks offers functionality which allows me to create objects such as a box, sphere, cylinder and others. Even thought to create these simple shapes is going to be an easy task, I will have to make them audio reactive at a later stage. So far, I have managed to build a mixed variation of visuals, few of which can be seen down below:

As the deadline for the project is approaching, I have also made a list of things I need to do in order to finish it. These include integrated visuals, user testing and GUI. That being said, plan of action for this week is to get a few more of these visualisations built and move them onto iPhone as well as integrate them with audio class.