Visuals research / dissertation draft

This week I haven’t made much progress. I spent the week learning shaders and experimented with a few possible visualisations for the app. The pace is quite slow as I have to come up with interesting 3d visuals which will be affected by sound. It is a creative process. Therefore I am exposing myself to as many different audio visualisations as I can. This helps me to generate new ideas for the visuals of my own. Continue reading Visuals research / dissertation draft

Adding sounds!

Since I’ve implemented multiple image detection last week, this week, I was working on a completely different issue. I was working on incorporating multiple sounds for multiple images, and it all went great! I have managed to do that quite easily, so let me tell you what I’ve achieved this week. Continue reading Adding sounds!

Slow but steady.

So last week I have set out to implement Optical Flow algorithm to speed up my application. After long hours of trying to make it run on ios, I have finally managed to do it. I have created a class called OpticalFlowTracker which contains several functions. Those functions help me to track key points previously detected by ORB tracker class. Continue reading Slow but steady.